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Cherimoya leaf

Cherimoya leaf

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Cherimoya leaf

Cherimoya leaf

Cherimoya leaf

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All About Cherimoyas


1) What does cherimoya taste like?

2) How do I know when they are ripe?

3) What is the best way to enjoy a cherimoya

4) How long can you keep them?

5) What is their nutritional value?

6) Where did they originate from?

7) Are some varieties better than others?

8) Can you grow them anywhere?

9) They seem a little pricey than other fruit.Why?

10) Are they really an aphrodisiac?

11) Can you share some cherimoya recipes with us?


The Answers

What does cherimoya taste like?

I believe that cherimoyas have a taste and flavor that is unique .What does an apple taste like, or an orange or a peach? They are all unique to themselves.Some have compared the cherimoya to a subtle blend of peach,banana,pineapple and a hint of strawberry.You be the judge. The texture is velvety smooth,creamy,sweet and juicy and as the famed author Mark Twain referred to them as "deliciousness itself".

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How do I know when they are ripe?

Cherimoya will give to gentle pressure very similar to an avocado or a peach.They sometimes will also darken in color.You want to eat them when they are ready as over-ripe fruit will not be as enjoyable. The sugar content is so high that over-ripe fruit may have a slightly fermented taste.It is best to keep them out at room temperature and check them daily.

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What is the best way to enjoy a cherimoya?

I like them best at room temperature and sliced like an apple, in wedges and eaten over a plate to catch the juice. Remember to not eat the seeds which are black and the size and shape of watermelon seeds and "spit out' in the same fashion.Once again the use of an extra plate or bowl comes in handy.The skin, seeds and the center core of the fruit (which is easily removed) are not edible. Others prefer to "scoop out" the seeds with a spoon and enjoy the fruit chilled.It has been said that it has an ice cream like flavor chilled.

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How long can you keep them?

Cherimoya will ripen at room temperature in about 6-7 days after they are picked and are best not refrigerated for extended periods of time, which is why,for those whom appreciate fresh exotic fruit,this is such a great opportunity. South Coast Organics is offering fresh fruit picked, packed and shipped to you without ever being refrigerated! Just think of the long and arduous journey of California fruit being trucked across country and then sitting in a produce manager's cooler before it even gets to the shelf and offered for sale! Once you receive the fruit and if you must hold them for a longer period of time, this is my recommendation; 1 week if they are hard and not ripe at a temperature not below 45 degrees Fahrenheit. If they are ripe; up to three days in your refrigerator.

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What is their nutritional value?

Cherimoya are low in fat and sodium, high in fibre, provide iron and niacin, are cholesterol free and are absolutely delicious. When ripe, cherimoya have high sugar levels (14–15%) and moderate acidity (0.4–0.7%).

For a serving of 100 grams

Calories 35  
Carbohydrates 18.2g
Fat 0.1g
Protein 1.9g
Fibre 2g
Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) 45mg
Calcium 27mg
Iron 0.65mg
Niacin 0.95mg
Riboflavin 0.135mg
Thiamine 0.11mg
Potassium 0.375mg
Phosphorus 33mg
Nitrogen 0.227g
Ash 0.65g
Moisture 75.8g
Ether extract 0.45g

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Where did they originate from?

South America,in the foothills of the Andes.It has been said in the valleys between Ecuador,Columbia and Peru where they grow wild.They were prized by the Incas in ancient times .Because of the South American origin we have fruit in the winter time here in California which is summer down in the southern hemisphere.In South America it is a summer fruit. Apparently the trees have held on to their genetic time clock. Some trees were brought into the Southern California area by horticulturists many years ago and propagated and crossed bred into the varieties that we know today. Dr .White and Dr.Pierce were two of the more well known. If you plant a seed from a fruit you may get something completely different than what you were expecting. If you have the time and the gift, as Luther Burbank did, you may discover something new and great. For agricultural purposes trees are grafted to insure guaranteed quality.

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Are some varieties better than others?

We at South Coast Organics prefer the "White" and "Bay" varieties. We like them because they taste better and have fewer seeds than the others, in our opinion.

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Can you grow them anywhere?

In a word The trees are tough to grow. They don't like it too hot, nor too cold, not too wet nor too dry. The balmy Mediterranean climate of Santa Barbara County and rolling foothills offer the perfect climate and terrain. They won't grow in Florida,for example.The temperatures can be too extreme there. A related species called an Atemoya or "sweet sop" or "sour sop" is what is more of the Caribbean style.

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They seem a little more pricey than other fruit.Why?

It is very labor intensive to grow them. The trees need to be "hand pollinated", as the insect that does that naturally in South America is not present here. Without pollinating each flower that will, in projection, produce a fruit, the harvest would be almost non existent.With that, each year the trees must have extensive pruning. The production costs are just much higher than other tree crops.

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Are they really an aphrodisiac?

No comment..You be the judge!

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Can you share some cherimoya recipes with us?


Click on the below link

Cherimoya Recipes


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